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Happy Wheels 4

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Wheelchair_Guy_-_Sprite_1970Happy Wheels 4 is a racing flash game with elements of physics and violence. In fact this game is trick and at the same time very funny, because the characters move like actual bodies and can be harmed in a many ways. The mission of the player is rather simple – reach the finish line as soon as possible. At our website you can enjoy the demo version of the Happy Wheels 4, because the full version is not available yet. This game by Jim Bonacci is full of blood and violence. Your character may lose legs,arms or other parts of body.


Happy Wheels 4 features a lot of character and the most interesting this about them is that all of them have different vehicles...and those vehicles are a bit unusual. For example, you can choose a wheelchair guy that has a turbo boost in his wheelchair, or you can even choose a Helicopter Guy. The best way to succeed in the game is to analize the level and than choose the character that has best skills to reach the finish line. The levels are not easy and you may get irritated if you can't succeed but don't give up. Happy Wheels 4 offers you also a custom level building tool. You can create your own level in the game and then play it. Hope that you will enjoy the Happy Wheels 4 at our website. Don't forget that our version of the game is unblocked, this means that you can play it even at school. Have some fun.