Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels 4
Happy Wheels has been labeled as a rag doll physics game this means that the game play using the characters movements is not traditional. The characters body will move naturally as if they were a real life person throughout the game play. The physics refer to the animation of the game with its not traditional character movements. Each character will have a vehicle that can be used in order to play through the different levels on the game. Any user looking to play this game should know that it is a highly violent game that will display different acts of violence and blood during game play. Raving is the games concept but the player will race through levels at a by any means attitude ignoring the safety of concern of the other drivers.

Happy Wheels Game Play

Happy Wheels has one goal which is to race other opponents to the finish line. Different levels will have different sub goals but it is mainly to out wit and survive your way to the finish line. Characters will have their own separate skills in terms of their speed and control that you possess during your races. Each level will have its own separate sub goals or goals that no player will need to complete in order to finish the race. Players will be at risk during the races of being shot, smashed or decapitated as they race through others to the finish line. Other things that may occur during races can be the cutting off or losing of limbs and a lot of blood showing during the races. If a person wishes to not see this type of graphic violence then this game could cause the person to be a bit uncomfortable.

Level Rules And Updates

Rules for this game were updated in order to stop the pornographic nature, racist remarks, sexism and glitching of the game during online and regular game play. These new rules have caused the game to get updated levels without all of them resembling each other during level changes. If the rules are broken then a person would lose their level on the game due to breaking the rules that were stated about to offend anyone. Upon downloading the game the developers ask that you download two additional games to unlock the app for play but can be deleted at a later time.